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Olympic Year, Experience biathlon in leisure mode on the official Contamines Montjoie biathlon stadium with professional equipment
Biathlon shooting at 10 meters and 50 meters as on TV!
Discover the planet biathlon, its functioning, the news of the French team, the latest innovations, ...
Conviviality, pleasure and anecdote to the program.

The biathlon initiation includes:
3 half day biathlon training: 2 hours training + 1 hour exchange with professionnals per day
the lending of biathlon air rifles compressed air on the basis of 1 or 2 persons per rifle according to the number
the consumables (target cartons and lead at will)
access to the biathlon stadium
Supervision by a qualified pro biathlon instructor
access to the Nordic domain

He does not understand :
rental of skating equipment. Possibility to add it as an option to the card once your basket is constituted (52 € for the week)

Prerequisites :
Know how to evolve in skating on any type of profile whatever your speed of movement.
Reserved for adults + 18 years

* The organization reserves the right to cancel the 3 half-day biathlon if a minimum number of 4 participants is not reached on D-7 before the start of the stay. In this case, the participants will be reimbursed the amount of biathlon initiation. Accommodation is the responsibility of the participants.